Weapon History

The weapon history tab is designed to give the viewer a brief overview of the weapons conception. It details the application through history, changes, different models, and different calibers and in some cases its wartime application. To some of the general public the term ASSAULT RIFLES applies to assault on people. When in essence assault on people can reflect any weapons use against people. The words true root comes from the rifle’s translation of the German word Sturmgewehr (literally “storm rifle”, as in “to storm a position”). The name was coined by Adolf Hitler[3] to describe the Maschinenpistole 43, subsequently renamed Sturmgewehr 44, the firearm generally considered the first assault rifle that served to popularise the concept and form the basis for today’s modern assault rifles. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assault_rifle#Definition ).

          To any true hunter or firearms lover an assault rifle is a semi-auto platform that has the capability to easily be upgraded with different weapon system applications, for his general purpose. Its largest criticism is the weapons capability to apply larger amount of ammunition to each reload, using high capacity magazines.

          My direct response to the latter is if I am a hunter and a large black bear is attacking me I want as many rounds as I can hold. Then as a family man if someone, some thing or a group of either try to assault my household, wife and or children. I hope to have enough firepower to accomplish my goal to defend them, as a father husband should, through the eyes of the law naturally.

          I have many more thoughts on the political issue surrounding assault rifles and the 2ed amendment, 

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution, Click this link to leave your opinion, http://www.scarllc.com/blog/